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Resting is not selfish

I apologize to my followers for the glitch last night in sending out a blog post prematurely. Oops.

Anyway, my cup is feeling a bit empty and stained these days so I’m taking time to do things, and not do anything, in order to build up a few spoons and not end up in a relapse.

Below are some current pictures of our garden. When we bought our house nine years ago, the backyard was all sloped lawn. All the rocks, dirt, and driftwood you see were hauled in singlehandedly by my husband. Whether I sit in silent contemplation or take on some simple weeding, the garden is my sanctuary.

I’m off to my other piece of paradise, Willows Beach, also known as my office. It’s my favourite place to write, and my fiction has been stagnating at the bottom of my empty cup for the last few days so I’m hoping the words will flow today as I look out at Oak Bay Harbour and Marina.

Take time to do the things that recharge your spirit, and don’t allow those niggling feelings of guilt any space at all. She says to herself, over and over and over…

Have a wonderful week!

❤️ Amanda

37 thoughts on “Resting is not selfish”

  1. Great post! So important to have these reminders of the importance of recharging and doing the things that bring meaning and happiness. Awesome pictures!

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  2. Willows Beach is gorgeous, I want an office like that! 😉
    The flowers are beautiful and I think you’re so spot on with how resting isn’t selfish. When we’re drained and spent, we need that time away, to recharge, find our motivation when we’re ready, to simply take the time to do nothing but rest as much as we can. Sending gentle hugs… xxxx

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