I Remember

An early post this week, in honour of Remembrance Day.

Thank you to all veterans and current military trying to protect freedom and human rights around the world.

I remember.

It’s important to recognize that Remembrance Day is not only about veterans that have lost their lives. Many soldiers return home with more than just physical injuries and the supports are not there in the mental health system.

We need to do better.

I also like to take time on Remembrance Day to think of the innocent civilians that get trapped in war, simply because of geography.

I think of my Oma in World War II, who had to flee her home with three small children and live by her wits to keep them all fed and safe.

I think of all the people suffering in refugee camps now, victims of malnourishment and rampant disease.

I think of mothers protecting their children with their bodies as the bombs fall.

I think of fathers and volunteers digging bodies out of rubble, praying for a miracle.

War is an atrocity. Until we do better, we need to remember.

I remember.

❤️ Amanda

31 thoughts on “I Remember”

  1. Watching remembrance service this morning it was very moving. I have taken part in many local services, as a child in brownies, guides; and as a mum standing near my own boys as cubs. So glad the event continues.

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  2. Well said Amanda. I totally agree. BTW, I just read that our president did not visit a war cemetery today (Remembrance Day) in France because it was raining. I think of all those men who died in the trenches on WWI and WWII in the rain and mud with absolutely no choice. It’s quite shocking 😢

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  3. All day I’ve been trying to find the words to share how I feel about Remembrance day, the Wars, devastation and heartbreak but I’ve been coming up short everytime. You’ve said everything I wanted to say and more, this is so beautifully written and really brings home the message of why we must remember. I’m sorry your family was caught up due to geography, my father’s side of my family is German and they also had such awful times. Beautiful post xx

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  4. Thank you for writing this! It’s definitely important to remember in hopes something this atrocious won’t happen again. I’m sorry you’re oma got caught up in all the turmoil, I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been. xx

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  5. Amanda, I am so sorry about your Oma. So many caught up in the horror and turmoil of war, in ways that we don’t even realise. Yes, we DO reme er, we MUST remember. Every human lufe that has been lost thriugh war.

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  6. Admittedly, I didn’t know Remembrance Day existed ’til reading this, I’m ashamed to admit.

    Thank you for writing this and encouraging us to not only remember, but to do better as well. I definitely need to. I have the privilege of being uneducated of these Days thanks to the acts of the great individuals, like your Oma (whom I’m sorry to hear about; seems like you got a great deal of her strength though from what I’ve read of your work), who had no choice but to live through the events that would catalyst a need for Remembrance Day.

    Thank you for sharing, Amanda. I will remember.


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  7. Very well said Amanda! I think it is so important to remember those that lost their lives to fight for our country. It really is shameful that the president didn’t visit a war cemetery because it was raining. I guess he thought his fake hair would get messed up. I thank you for this beautiful post as a wonderful tribute. You are a pretty amazing person!

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