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Deer Decimation 😣

Well, yesterday was DD day at our house. Apparently, the deer around here read WordPress, and my May Garden Tour post was an invitation. Whoops.

They ate the kale…

They nibbled the potatoes …

And snarfed ALL but two of the bush beans!

And that’s not all…

So when the deer come chomping, the gardener(‘s husband) builds a fence.

Fingers crossed…

But there’s always something positive happening in the garden. I’m thrilled that this method of interplanting worked. I planted radishes and carrots together so the fast-sprouting radishes shade the finicky slow-sprouting carrots until they germinate. Now I’ve pulled the radishes and the carrots are perfectly thinned and ready to keep growing.

Radishes, carrots
There’s always something positive in the garden.


9 thoughts on “Deer Decimation 😣”

  1. Seeing the good thing despite the destruction… I’m sure there’s a moral there somewhere! 😉
    I can’t get over the fact you’ve had deer in your garden. That seems so bizarre to me as someone living in a UK town. It would just never happen. They may be gorgeous creatures but wow do they leave a path of destruction in their wake! xx

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    1. The morals are sometimes out of focus but I get there eventually. 😏
      Unfortunately, deer are an all too common pest here even though we’re in a city. Living on an island with a lack of predators and many avid gardeners makes it a paradise for them. My daughter came home the other night and had to step over a tiny fawn sleeping on our front steps! Then another night, Mama deer came charging out of the bushes at her! 😳

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  2. That is a shame with the deer. Most repellents don’t really work either.

    One that I know does on other animals is a “scarecrow sprinkler”. Essentially it’s a sprinkler hooked to a motion sensor. A crittter wanders into your yard or garden, the sprinkler kicks on and they get soaked and run off. As soon as the motion sensor no longer sees movement, the sprinkler turns off.

    It’s a great, humane option for protecting a garden. I’m not sure how well they work against deer, but everything I’ve read says they work great for rabbits, raccoons, stray cats, etc…

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