I Remember

An early post this week, in honour of Remembrance Day.

Thank you to all veterans and current military trying to protect freedom and human rights around the world.

I remember.

It’s important to recognize that Remembrance Day is not only about veterans that have lost their lives. Many soldiers return home with more than just physical injuries and the supports are not there in the mental health system.

We need to do better.

I also like to take time on Remembrance Day to think of the innocent civilians that get trapped in war, simply because of geography.

I think of my Oma in World War II, who had to flee her home with three small children and live by her wits to keep them all fed and safe.

I think of all the people suffering in refugee camps now, victims of malnourishment and rampant disease.

I think of mothers protecting their children with their bodies as the bombs fall.

I think of fathers and volunteers digging bodies out of rubble, praying for a miracle.

War is an atrocity. Until we do better, we need to remember.

I remember.

❤️ Amanda