life, Poetry


Endings, beginnings, life


Why are endings so hard?

We should be masters

Everything ends.


First the womb

Then the breast

Or bottle, depending




Midnight snuggles


Innocent imagination

Friendship without agenda

Playing with toys


Budding breasts

First period

First boyfriend

Hormone fights

This is the end of the beginning.

High school




First view of future


High school without boundaries

Knowing everything without knowing you know nothing

Veil lifting

First job

First love

First orgasm – don’t lie


Wedding- so much planning, over so fast


First house


Births – miraculous torture

First steps

First words


School years

Empty nest

Sad freedom

First view of legacy


It all went so fast


Adventure, at first

Money, an issue

Health, sneaks up

Full circle



Hand over

The end.

Beginnings are endings. Endings are beginnings.

Endings, beginnings, life

❤️ Amanda

12 thoughts on “Endings”

  1. Love this Amanda. Thanks for the Follow. I just Followed you too. I have a friend with MS. She is totally wheelchair bound, like me, only I do not have MS. I do have brain fog though lol

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  2. WOW…😳 WHAT a post… This one took my breath away AND helped me clarify a ‘feeling’ I have had lately but couldn’t put into words. I am happily in my (now-going-on-late) 50s and was lately trying to formulate why I would NEVER go back to my twenties. You NAILED it: “Knowing everything without knowing you know nothing”. I loved every single word of this post…thank you…

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    1. Thank you, Patti. I’m so glad it resonated with you. It made me feel better to write it out, which is why we all do this writing thing right? Ugh, I would never want to go back to my 20s either, my oldest is just entering that phase. 🤭

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      1. My two are smack-dab in the middle of it…😳 Nothing you can do but stand back and let them ‘become’. And be there, when they deign to ask for your advice or support…😊❤️ Yes, you and I appear to be on similar paths with regard to writing. Can’t believe I waited this long…😊😊😊

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      2. Oh boy, fun times for you. That’s generally been my philosophy with my kids, to take the cue from them. It is fascinating to watch the transformation as they become. I say that to myself about writing my all the time, but at least we got there, right? 😊💕

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