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It’s October!!!

Callie’s grateful for her new sleeping platform in the garden.

The month of Canadian Thanksgiving. So, because there are too many things going on right now for me to focus and write an earth-changing blog post😉, I am going to list some of the things I am grateful for:

Our youngest child’s 10th birthday tomorrow. She’ll be getting her ears pierced, just like I did on my tenth birthday, as did her sister.

Her role as a Party Child in The Nutcracker with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet!

Our oldest daughter thriving in the music program at college.

Our son blowing our minds with his knowledge and dedication to learning all about trading – at 16.

Beautiful new raised beds being built by my husband, letting me experiment finally with square foot gardening.

Finally making some progress towards our bathroom renovation. It has been years since we could use our bathtub – long story.

Finishing my first draft!!! With thanks to C.S. Lakin at Live Write Thrive for providing the free resources that helped make it possible.

Finding this story workbook tutorial by Stephanie Morrill at (yes, I’m in denial – don’t bust me!) that makes me feel like I have a direction for a second draft in time for Nanowrimo.

The monster being more or less quiet – or maybe I’m just getting used to it. At the very least, I’m not letting the MS control me like it used to.

There is so much to be thankful for! Mostly, I am grateful to my family and friends and all the amazing people I’ve connected with since I started this blog in June.

I’m just going to leave this lovely lady right here, in the spirit of the season. Check out the dude on her stomach!!

Spider on a web

Have a wonderful week!

❤️ Amanda

23 thoughts on “It’s October!!!”

  1. Also, hope you don’t mind, but this inspired my own October post, in which I’m giving you credit for the inspiration, and added a “hey go read/follow her here” with a link to your site. Is this ok? I always like to give credit for inspiration where it’s due! And to help other chronic illness advocates/bloggers.

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  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Yah family traditions! I tried square foot gardening for the first time this year. (well gardening anything for the first time this year) I was so convinced the mel’s magic mix would work wonders, I didn’t do much research on the than read the book. I won’t claim it was a total failure, I just needed to pay more attention to location and WHAT I planted…The jury is still out on if I will attempt it again next year. On a positive note, there were not many weeds and having it raised ( 2 feet off the ground) really helped

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    1. Interesting – it’s a learning curve for sure!! My harvests weren’t too impressive this year – it was too hot, I couldn’t keep up with the water- so I’m hoping that adding irrigation will help. I’m trying fall/winter gardening for the first time. Fingers crossed. Okay, birthday girl is chomping at the bit – here we go… 😊💕

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  3. Happy October! Lots of exciting times ahead then and going on right now for you and your family. Happy 10th Birthday to your youngest! And amazing about your oldest daughter on her music program, and your son learning about trading (is that like financial trading? At 16 that’s very impressive!) Very positive too to read about your writing, feeling more on top of the MS symptoms rather than controlled by then, and your house renovations too. It was all so lovely… until I saw that picture!! Hahah I hate spiders!! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you so much, Caz. Definitely many things to be grateful for and happy about. My son started learning about the stock market and doing virtual trading when he was about 12. Um…yeah.

      Your comment about the spider made me laugh. Sorry to freak you out – I knew there had to be some arachnophobes out there. The dude on her abdomen was too cool though. I used to hate spiders until I spent a summer painting fences in the country. Seeing the incredible variety of them just blew my mind and I’ve appreciated them ever since. Not in my house or on me, mind you. Off we go to punch holes in my kid’s head. 😜😊💕

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