A Lesson in Grief

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

A year ago this week, my mother lost her husband. They had been married less than five years but they made the absolute most of every minute they had together. Theirs was a great love story.

Joe was a special person. Sometimes people say that to be nice after someone dies, but he was truly an incredible human being. Some people exude a particular kind of warmth and caring, which makes us lesser humans crave being in their presence. That was Joe.

As shocking and tragic as his death was, only three weeks after his 80th birthday, where a huge community of family and friends came out to honour him, I learned an important lesson from my mother about love and grief. In the midst of her heartbreak at losing the love of her life, she already had it in perspective.

Rather than wallowing in her grief and their short time together, as I imagine I might, she focussed on the fact that they’d had any time at all. Five years of a great love provides countless wonderful memories, and is more than many are lucky enough to experience. It’s better to have loved and lost, right?

RIP Joe. I feel so fortunate to have known you. We all miss you so much. I love you Mom! Hug your loved ones and don’t wait to say the important things. Life is precious and fleeting.

Have a wonderful week!

❀️ Amanda

27 thoughts on “A Lesson in Grief”

  1. A lovely post to share his memory, he sounds like a good man. Your mother is one tough cookie, and that’s a beautiful way to deal with something to tragic, to see the blessings in the time spent and love shared xxxx

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to your mother. Loss is so difficult and it leaves a hole in our hearts that isn’t ever truly filled. Please know my thoughts are with you and your mother during this painful time. Rest in peace Joe. All my love Amanda!

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  3. Wonderfully written article. My condolences for your loss. It reminds me of a thought from the Bible at Ephesians 5:28. It says, “A man who loves his wife loves himself.” You portray him in such a loving way. One day, God will reunite him and your mother β™‘ (Isaiah 25:8).

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