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Talented kidlets – NEW PAGE!

When I need to boost my spirit, the one thing besides my family and my garden (and those damn kitten and puppy videos!) that helps, is watching the amazing talent of young people. Young people who have talent and work hard to improve it to the best of their ability. I wanted to have a page to showcase new, impressive talent and innovation in the upcoming generation. Finding positives to focus on, and highlighting the arts is so important in these bizarre, rocky political times.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to kick off my new page by showcasing the talent of our two beautiful daughters. Like me, they are crazy about musicals and were really excited for Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again to come out. Here is their cover of the mother-daughter song “My Love, My Life”.

You can check out the new page here to see dancers, singers and various other talented athletes. Oh, and babies. Nothing can make you smile in spite of yourself like the sound of baby laughter.

The picture below is from my early performing days. 1979, my first year with the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede. Funny story: I told my dad I was the puppy in the pink dress. My dad filmed the whole number of the girl in the light pink dress, neither of us clueing in to the fact that there is more than one shade of pink. Mind you, I was nine…ahem… just kidding, Dad 😉. I found these pictures on Facebook last year and there I am! Social media can be a wonderful thing.


I hope you enjoy the new page. I will periodically add new things and switch it up a bit. I would love any suggestions of new talent to feature. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a wonderful week!

❤️ Amanda

8 thoughts on “Talented kidlets – NEW PAGE!”

  1. Amanda, I didn’t realize you lived in Calgary! I lived there for 17 years and also performed, singing with a women’s barbershop chorus and quartet. You probably know Lauri Thompson Walters – she sang in my quartet and was with YC for years!!

    Nice page and a good addition to your blog!

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    1. NO WAY!!! The Thompson’s lived across the alley from us, our brothers were best friends. Laurie was a senior when I was a little guy, super talented dancer. That is so crazy and cool! Glad you like the page. 😊💕


  2. Amanda, even though I am a little late with my comment, I just want to say it was great reading about your younger days! You are doing amazing work with your life and have raised amazingly talented and beautiful daughters!

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