Talented kidlets

From Shirley Temple to Aileen Quinn as Annie, I have always had an awed respect for children that not only have a talent, but work hard to develop and strengthen their skills. I wanted to have a place to collect videos that have inspired and wowed me. Sometimes to showcase my proud Mama moments as well. I hope they make you smile and brighten your day! Please share any links you think belong here, I would love to discover more talented kidlets.

❤️ Amanda

Proud Mama

My girls 💕



Unbelievable expression in this 6 year old.

I like all forms of dance, but ballet has always been my first love. Look at this baby ballerina and her beautiful technique!


A Canadian on America’s Got Talent

A fellow Amanda on AGT

Incredible transformation – the power of music for an introvert


A compilation of seriously talented young athletes.


Babies!!! – They don’t need talent 💕

Too much cuteness! If you need a chuckle and some cozy feels, check these out.