* Myelin is the stuff in everyone’s brain that coats and protects the nerves. The stuff my immune system finds so tasty that my brain MRI looks like Swiss cheese and my nervous system acts like the creaky, creepy rollercoaster at your local carnival.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I’m Amanda, a Canuck living on Vancouver Island

with my wonderful husband, our three amazing children

and two hilarious cats.

Callie, the matriarch(L) and Smudge, the shit disturber
photo: Victoria Callin

I love reading, writing, gardening, beach combing, hiking, camping, and watching all

the concerts and performances of our creative brood. I’m becoming more comfortable

with the label ‘writer’ instead of ‘teacher’, in my fourth year on disability. I never stop

dreaming of returning to the classroom one day, but I am fortunate in so many ways,

I’m at peace with the direction my life has taken. At least while the MonSter is more or

less quiet.

Currently, I’m working on two separate novel projects. While my second project about

invisible illness percolates, I’ve started a new project about coming-of-age in the 1980s.

I finally have the confidence to put something out into the world this year. That’s my

promise to myself, for better or for worse, I will get feedback from as many people as

possible, and keep pushing through to publication.

Scary as hell, but I’m there.

I hope you enjoy my blog, which was my first foray into building my writing

confidence. The support I’ve received, in general but especially from the chronic

illness community, has been life-changing. Thank you to everyone who visits, reads

and comments, it means so much to connect with like-minded people. I’ve learned so

much in my short time in the blogosphere!

❤️ Amanda