* Myelin is the stuff in everyone’s brain that coats and protects the nerves. The stuff my immune system finds so tasty that my brain MRI looks like Swiss cheese and my nervous system acts like the creaky, creepy rollercoaster at your local carnival.


Thanks so much for stopping by.

I’m Amanda, a Canuck living on Vancouver Island

with my wonderful husband, our three amazing children

and two hilarious cats.

Callie, the matriarch(L) and Smudge, the shit disturber

I love reading, writing, gardening, beach combing,

camping, and watching all the concerts and performances

of our creative brood. At the moment, I’m becoming

more comfortable with the label ‘writer’ instead of ‘teacher’.

Currently, I am working on a novel that sheds light on

the realities of those living with invisible illnesses,

and celebrates the caregivers who stand by them.img_1239.jpg