I need to know

Do other MSers feel it too?

A sudden rawness



In the tongue


Palms of hands

Soles of feet



Is it the myelin being destroyed

By my own cells?

Most uncomfortable


Go away now.

15 thoughts on “Raw”

    1. My mouth pain turned out to be trigeminal neuralgia, in which one nerve in my face went berserk, like a viking berserker. It’s easily fought off by meds, so no swords are needed to fight this berserker!

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  1. That must be so difficult to cope with Amanda, so challenging on a daily basis. Thinking of you and how your overcome your obstacles sharing posts which contain so much positivity and outside of self focus! Hope your son has settled into college life.

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  2. I am so sorry for my late comment Amanda.This was a great post I tend to have a lot of that tingling/burning sensation in my feet. It is an awful feeling and so frustrating! I have found when I either type or write too much, my fingers start feeling tingly. The things we deal with living with MS are so difficult, but somehow we manage. I hope you are having a pleasant weekend Amanda!

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