Moment of truth: Opinions?

Okay, here are two versions of our fully decorated Christmas tree, using the handmade decorations I presented in my last post. It only took six trips to the store for lights, some creative sawing and duct-taping to get the star on, and four days of decorating, undecorating then redecorating. Who says MS has screwed up my decision-making skills?! 🤣

I can’t decide whether I prefer the first, more minimal tree using just the handmade ornaments, silver wire stars and silver balls; or the second that adds a bit more sparkle and fills in the gaps. But maybe it detracts focus from the handmade – what do you think?

Exhibit A – minimalist tree

Exhibit B – more colour and sparkle

Like a true Canadian, duct tape is an integral part of our Christmas.

Next year I’ll plan things better so I can wrap the lights around the star more unobtrusively. At a certain point, you have to let things go, say good enough, and move on. That’s where I’m at.

But for next year – what do you think? A or B?

❤️ Amanda

33 thoughts on “Moment of truth: Opinions?”

  1. They are all stunning. Love both of them. Be proud of a job well done.,beautiful. Something for everyone. Redoing our and over wonder where that came from. Love u

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  2. Gorgeous trees and decorations. Love how you made your own stars and garlands. From these two photos, I like the top one best, as the lights are brighter. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. 🙂

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  3. Hi Amanda, Well, if I hadn’t seen A, I would totally ooh and aah over B. They are both lovely, but like everyone else, my scale tips toward A–not nearly enough difference to suggest going to the trouble of removing decorations, but I have a feeling you’ve already done that!
    Your homemade decorations are absolutely gorgeous–very professional looking. When we went homemade, ours were, shall we say, more ‘primitive.”

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  4. If you’re having problems with decisions then I’m having problems with perspective – A looks more sparkly than B to me 😂 I’d say A, maybe because the lights are on..? I can’t see the difference otherwise. Jeeees, I’ve got my glasses on too! It looks amazing, so so pretty and I love the ribbon going down it the tree. Beautiful!
    Caz xx

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