Bathroom Renovation Part 3: Now that’s a tub!

You can read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here

Unlike the hobbit tub that was first installed, this is the tub I was after. Besides being much deeper, wider and longer than the flimsy all-in-one unit suggested by the bathroom place, it doesn’t have the non-slip bottom that asks for grime to build up. Hallelujah!

Best part, even though the bathroom store refused to take responsibility, my designer and plumber wanted to make it right, so they charged no fee for the initial demo, are paying for the tub and will sell the other one, to be applied to the next invoice. At least some people take accountability seriously.

The shower tile (blue accent tiles next – weee!) should be finished on Monday, then he’ll grout the shower and floor tile before building the vanities. Hopefully by the end of next week, we’ll have a mostly functioning bathroom again.

I had a momentary freak out when I saw the floor tile because it read really grey, and thought they’d ordered the wrong tile. Seeing it against the bright orange tile mat made the colour read grey instead of sandy brown. Seeing it in bright light reassured me, then once it covered the floor, all was well.

The most interesting thing about having a major renovation done, is seeing the images in your head take concrete form. However, it doesn’t always come out the way you imagine, or the picture may need to be tweaked along the way.

For example, I wanted the floor tile to run lengthwise into the bathroom, to match the hardwood in the hall. The tiler explained how tile needs to flow into a room, and should run the length of the room. Also, I wanted two inlay soap dishes but they couldn’t be centred on the wall because of where the studs are. So, we compromised on a big one with two sections.

I think having a chronic illness helps with the inevitable hiccups and delays that go along with a renovation. We’re used to readjusting our expectations on a continual basis, so we can handle the bumps with flexibility. Usually anyway. 😉

Out to the sunshine I go. After our freak snowfall and deep freeze, it feels like spring out there again!

❤️ Amanda

Last remnants of the old bathroom
Poof! Gone! The room feels huge!!

Ready for tiling. How many animals can you find in the drywall mud?
Now the tile looks the right colour. Phew!

15 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation Part 3: Now that’s a tub!”

  1. Shame on the bathroom store but woohoo for the designer and plumber getting this all sorted for you. So after next week, the majority of the bathroom will be all sorted and pretty by the sounds of it. Tub is a much better size and I think the tiles look swish & very neat. The first soak you take when the renovation is complete is going to be one you’ve waited so long & patiently for!! xx

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