Bathroom Renovation Part 4: Almost there…

Did you hear the dude from Star Wars heading for the Death Star in the title? Every time I hear those words together, I hear it in his voice. Think I’ve seen it too many times, if that’s possible.

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Anyway, we’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for the vanity pieces (supposed to be last week) to be sprayed and the countertops cut (also supposed to ‘fit us in’ faster than their usual two-week turn-around – it’s been two weeks). Such is life.

Luckily, the toilet, tub and shower are completely functional (well, for most of us – see below), the tile is gorgeous, and I’m super happy with the shower door. Totally functional and much cheaper than custom glass.

Check it out:

Fully extended
Folded back in resting position
And right out of the way for a bath or cleaning!
Beautiful ‘right-height’, skirted toilet. Easy to clean!

So, there is a problem with the shower, as I mentioned above. It wouldn’t be a problem if all our children were munchkins like me, but our son has sprouted like Mike TeeVee after the taffy machine (our girls are in the Willy Wonka musical, couldn’t resist the reference). And… the rain shower head is about 1/2 an inch from his noggin.

Not sure what the solution is, or who will be expected to pay for it. We’ll see when the plumbers come back to install the sinks. Overall though, the work is being done beautifully and I know when we get ‘there’, we’ll nail this sucker down, just like good old Luke.

❤️ Amanda

15 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation Part 4: Almost there…”

  1. Hmm a bit of a conundrum about the shower head. Can the base attachment (attached to the bar on the wall) not be moved up any further? Or do you mean that when it’s pushed right to the top, it’s still not high up enough? Everything else looks fab, and I really like the nifty recesses in the wall for storage! xx

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    1. Thanks Caz. My son says it doesn’t bother him, he just uses the other shower head on the bar, so we’re going to leave it. It kind of bugs me but we’ll save the money. Just wanting to see some more progress now, but still in a holding pattern. Have a fantastic day!! 💕

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