Walking on the moon – Gabriola Island

Instead of camping in the very wet rainforest on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I took my second camping trip of 2019 on beautiful Gabriola Island, one of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland. The landscape was incredible, sandstone rock formations and erosions all over the beaches and a beautiful, dry forest to tent in.

I didn’t bring our new trailer because it hadn’t been safety inspected yet so I wasn’t going to drive it up-island to Nanaimo where I met my camping partner-in-crime and we caught the short ferry to Gabriola. Good news – the trailer checked out beautifully, all she needs is a new set of tires! We’ll get that done next week before our upcoming trip to Saltspring, another Gulf Island.

It really did feel like walking on the moon in some places.

Do you see the face in this photo? 😑

Unbelievable sunsets!

Of course, a wonderful visit with one of my dearest friends was the biggest highlight. I’m not sharing details about that though – the less said the better. I’ll just say we earned our camping battle scars. 🤕🤣 😏

I’ve decided to stop being a sugar cookie (you should listen to this if you haven’t yet) and push myself beyond the very careful parameters I’ve been living in since my diagnosis, out of anxiety of causing a flare or exacerbating symptoms. I’ve been reluctant to make plans, to put too many things on the schedule, always feeling the monster lurking in the background, waiting to attack.

Truth is? Since I’ve been pushing myself to get my butt out of bed in the morning despite the pain and fatigue, I’ve felt better and better. Once I get going, I’m distracted from the awful ache and I get focussed on getting things done. I tell myself to get out in the garden just for half an hour every day, to do some light weeding and pruning, seeding or harvesting. Almost always I end up out there for at least a couple of hours, getting steps in, bending, stretching, reaching and using this body of mine. It may be a tad defective, but it still works! Use it or lose it, right?

I may have overdone things by going on three rides at the fair with our youngest – the monster didn’t like that and symptoms have creeped in again. Whatever. So worth it.

Like Nike says – just do it.

❤️ Amanda

19 thoughts on “Walking on the moon – Gabriola Island”

  1. You are an inspiration. So proud of you. You have taken some very important steps these past few weeks. You are glowing. Laughter again resounding from, moments like you are experiencing, making memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes in life we all accept our detours. Accepting is hard, the weight off the soul, mind and spirit is itself healing. Proud to be your Mama-La. 💖

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    1. Thanks so much Wendi! There’s pacing yourself, then there’s holding yourself back. Not sure what the catalyst was exactly, but I decided to take back control and it’s made an amazing difference. I still hit the wall hard though! 😵 💕

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  2. Beautiful pictures, Amanda! I have been pushing myself lately, too, and although it catches up sometimes, it’s not as often as I feared. Here’s to a beautiful summer of adventures!

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    1. Thanks Erin! I hear you, I’m taking a rest day today because I feel it has caught up to me. I’ll still get out in the garden, even though the weather is kind of ugh-ish, even if I just walk around. Cheers to many summer adventures, can’t wait to read about yours!

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  3. It’s when pushing ourselves gives us experiences that are so positive and create lovely memories that the extra aches, pains and exhaustion are definitely worth it. It’s also good to hear that you trying to push a little each day to do things is making you feel better, so it does sound like the ‘use it or lose it’ approach is a good one, just factor in enough rest breaks and rest days as those are still so important. Lovely photos!! xx

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    1. Thanks Caz! I do tend to push myself too hard, so I still need to work on balance for sure. I find it easier in the cooler weather when I pace myself with cups of tea. I get stuff done while it steeps and cools then rest while I drink it. Now though, I can’t seem to make myself follow that pattern, I just want to get stuff done! I need to start writing fiction again, as that keeps me planted for longer. 💕

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