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Hiatus for the holidays

It’s December!! I hope this time of year brings you peace, hope and happiness.

The holidays can be difficult and even traumatic for many people. If you struggle to find the joy in the season, my wish for you is that you can find some small joy in each day, and take it one day at a time.

Often the best way to help yourself is in helping someone else. That doesn’t have to mean financially or even physically. A smile or a helping hand, a kind comment on social media, tiny acts of kindness can have massive positive repercussions.

Ultimately, I wish for everyone to stay focussed on the feelings of love, peace, and kindness and let those infuse the public – and private – spaces as we near the big day, rather than turn into harried balls of stress (haha-see what I did there?) Don’t be a hairy scrotum.

I’m late in posting this week and wasn’t even going to bother. I’m feeling a bit drained creatively after NaNoWriMo. I won – yay! I need to take this time to enjoy all the things I love about this season, without feeling stressed about blogging. So unless the blogging fairies crack me on the head with inspiration, this will be my last post until 2019. I’ll still be reading posts though!

My very best wishes to everyone through the holiday season. May the new year bring health, happiness, laughter and love to your lives.

Lots of love,

❀️ Amanda

26 thoughts on “Hiatus for the holidays”

  1. Wishing you a peaceful festive holiday Amanda. Enjoy the blogging holiday- it’s good to have a break 😁I can’t get my mojo back to even start at moment. But no point blogging if just negative πŸ˜„
    All the best Sue

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  2. “Don’t be a hairy scrotum.” – That’s me, hahahah! I love that.
    Congrats on the writing, you should definitely be proud of persevering with that, and in still doing this post despite feeling so drained. Take good care of yourself Amanda and I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, healthy-as-possible, break Β β™₯
    Caz xx

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  3. Thank you for stopping by and following me. I am pleased to meet you and look forward to reading more about you. Congratulations on nano! Wishing you an amazing holiday! Blessings and hugs! πŸ€—

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  4. I am late getting to this Amanda, but I hope it all went well and without too much stress. It is not my best time of year, but I think I have come out of it unscathed. All the very very best to you for thus year. X

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